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A translator’s birthday party
The only thing missing is a cat.
Why The Accursed Kings and The Witcher?
When I was twelve or thirteen, I fished a book on my parents’ bookshelf. It was the series by Maurice Druon. Never before was history so amazing and fascinating. I read all the three volumes in a flash – they were better than most crime stories I read. And there was no other period in history that I remembered better than the 14th century France and England. I experienced something of this sort when I was working on the translation of The Memoirs of Lucrezia Borgia by Matthew Graham Scarsbrook. Family secrets and crimes set in a historical background.
It won’t be hard to guess that my fascination with fantasy started with the original Witcher/Wiedźmin by an outstanding Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski. At that time,  I only  had paperback stories and the saga. Today I got the comic book. Anyway, comic books are a special challenge for a translator. But I will write more about this another time. Soon.

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