When I sit down to work on a new book, I experience the curiosity of a reader and the passion of a creator. Depending on what type of literature I work on, I can be fascinated, intrigued or deeply moved by the book – the latter is the domain of children’s literature. Books for young readers have a special place in my heart, first of all because I can remember the beginnings of my ow reading adventure. That’s why I realise how important it is to encourage reading and to offer books which will introduce children to the magic of literature without disheartening them. As regards disheartening, obligatory reading at school does just that, which is why I also like to think I make a difference.

But it’s not only children’s literature that gives me joy and positive experience. I am one hundred per cent involved in every book I translate. I work in silence, so that I  can focus on every word and experience the atmosphere of the book. I hope that in doing so I can share my passion and sensations with the reader. And this, in my opinion, is the most beautiful thing about translating literature: that we translate not so much words as feelings.

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